Why does Adhoc adopt an ISO quality management system?

ISO 9001:2015

ISO is an internationally recognized quality management system that have been implemented by more than a million of organizations all over the globe. ISO 9001 has been created to help companies to satisfy their clients’ needs and provide a better service.


Adhoc has adapted its working procedures and protocols to ISO’s quality standards, not simply as a way to get a certification, but to assimilate it as our way of thinking and acting. We take advantage of the many improvements that entails always working towards excellence and it has a positive and direct effect on the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the service offered to them.

ADHOC is a Navarrese company specialized in the analysis, development and implementation of customized software applications, sale of hardware and hardware and software maintenance.

We are bound to undertake every work as unique and always act following three basic principles:

= Simplicity: finding the simplest solutions to the more complex proposals.

1=1 Honesty: acting in a transparent manner to reinforce the communications and relationships with our clients.

1+1 = 3: Creativitygenerating and developing exclusive and original solutions specifically adapted to you and your economy.

To achieve the proposed commitments, we have decided to work with a quality management system that adds value to our organization under the following guidelines::

  • Satisfaction of each and every interested party of the company.
  • Risks and opportunities assessment and treatment, as well as establishment of objectives and goals that are periodically reviewed to accomplish the desired results.
  • Commitment to meet the requirements and continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system.
  • Commitment to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements keeping the efficiency of the quality management system.

Being in a technological environment, the implementation of a certified quality management system implies establishing protocols for our actions and activities, these rely on technical tools such as forensic equipment to ensure the correct and safe treatment of our clients’ data, or mobile handsets for procedural and documental support.

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