Adhoc, production processes’ consultant.

Innovation is our way - Every change based on knowledge that generates added value

Adhoc has always considered innovation as a way to undertake every task. Usually, it is easier to stay in your comfort zone, with a preestablished routine. However, Adhoc’s approach is to consider innovation as the main tool to do our job well, especially taking into account the technological environment we deal with.

Innovation isn’t marketing , or just creating new products or services; innovation is also improving processes or changing the ways things are done to get a better result or lower costs in any department.

ADHOC is a company specialized in developing IT systems that provide with added value and innovation to industry.


Specialized in improving industrial processes.

We started our activity in 1995 and since that moment we have developed different solutions along with practical and efficient resources, always looking for a hint of creativity in each project and the goal of improving the industrial processes.

We specialized in consulting and expanded with new services of support and maintenance. In 2005 Adhoc presented in SIMO the project "Interactua Adhoc".


It is chosen as an innovative solution. Standing out in the line of new products, the solution presents an idea of documental matrixes that are shown in touch screens, televisions or webs. The system autonomously registers the activity in reports that are displayed in documental cells, such as visits, languages or time tablets. The solution was implemented among others by Tudela’s council and Agenda 21. The solution is registered as a trademark.


Since 2017 Adhoc is considered as an innovative company by the Government of Navarra and thanks to our works we have accessed to European Union’s ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

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