Facilities Adhoc. Adhoc, your IT company.

In 2009, Adhoc transfers to newly built facilities. Our facilities have been envisioned, designed and built aiming to create a pleasant, practical and efficient work

environment, fitting our goal of continuous improvement. We firmly believe in offering an excellent service and to do so, we must work in a place that help us in that goal, providing us with suitable tools. If we are comfortable and happy in our worksite, that will also have a positive effect on our clients.


Our facilities include wide work areas, with large windows to provide us of natural light. The wide and friendly reception welcome all our visitors as if they were one of us. From the reception, a huge window let everyone see our technical laboratory, where we analyze and repair the equipment.

Also, in a safety anti-dust cabinet an important tool is held, a forensic equipment that allows us to treat in a completely safe way our clients’ vital data. A large multi-tasking area is prepared for prototype testing, training sessions and presentations. All the innovative projects are tested there,

as a key point to offer new high-quality solutions. A row of offices and a meeting room complete our facilities, offering a suitable workspace to all our departments and providing a modern, warm and friendly environment for both our employees and our clients.


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