Cybersecurity for companies.

Nowadays, every company is computerized and most processes are based in IT systems and are connected to both internal and external networks.

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t have implemented even the basic protective measures. Computerized systems evolve exponentially, changing not in years or months, but weeks or even days, and more so in cybersecurity.

Adhoc constantly studies new menaces and looks for the latest solutions to offer our clients support to adequately protect themselves.

Ciberseguridad en la empresa
seguridad en la empresa necesaria

Cybersecurity, a 100% advisable goal.

There isn’t a company with enough resources to protect everything systematically. It is impossible to ensure a 100% risk-free system. The risks must be evaluated in each case and the resources adapted accordingly. Besides, risks vary very quickly and tools that can track those risks dynamically and offer solutions accordingly must be used. But we must ensure that those tools are practical and easy to use.

A key aspect is training for workers. Each person or group must be taught about the most probable menaces they can be exposed to and ensure they are up to date. An obsolete explanation about cybersecurity can be counterproductive, offering a false sense of security.

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