Adhoc, your company of IT support and maintenance.


We have an extensive experience in most sectors::

  • Industry
  • Public administration
  • Agri-food
  • Retail and services
  • Environment, energy and sustainable transport


Cybersecurity for companies

Continuous study of new menaces, guidelines, tools and research to offer our clients support against a growing danger such as network security.


Installation and maintenance. Don’t worry, we do everything for you. We offer every kind of solution customized to your needs, including server virtualization and storage units.

Remote control

Adhoc helps you to select the most suitable control system by camera. We provide deployment in any environment: indoor or exterior, wired or wireless.

Adhoc Software

We develop and offer innovative and efficient solutions that clearly differentiate us from the more generic comercial solutions.


Almost all IT companies sell software, what makes us different is that we always look for the solution that better fits your needs considering quality and pricing.

Consulting and auditing

A team with extensive experience will audit and evaluate the state your organization and propose ways of improvement.

Installation and maintenance of systems.

The calm of knowing you count with a good maintenance team with extensive experience. Corporative management is based on IT, so any IT problem means a loss of time and productivity, and, on the other hand, a good IT system and its consequent good preventive maintenance means a competitive advantage.

Labelling systems

We are experts. We know what we do when it comes to thermal printers. We have our own service for installation and maintenance. We offer a complete software with several management modules by client, type of product, quality… These systems link directly with professional labelling editors and launchers to the production lines.

Networks and communications

For all our systems to work correctly, they must be based on a good structuring and planning of the network. The levels of security and balancing in the network are of vital importance to avoid future problems and facilitate the work in any environment. We are experts in creating from scratch new networks or modify and solve problems in existing networks and communications.

Data protection

Evaluación de la seguridad de sus sistemas informático. En ADHOC realizamos y documentamos la evaluación de su sistema de seguridad informático asesorándole en lo que más le conviene teniendo en cuenta su actividad profesional.

Program “Live safely”:
- Preventive and proactive maintenance plan.
- Corporative safety policy (employees and systems)
- Alternative systems for business continuity, backup files.
- Data encryption

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