Adhoc Informatic Consultory

We are a Navarrese company specialized in offering customized
solutions of software development and implementation.

We create and develop original and exclusive solutions adapted especially for you and your economy.

I + D + I

Adhoc has always considered innovation as a way of facing things. Our mentality in Adhoc is innovation as a tool to do things well, even more so in a technological environment like ours.

ADHOC Servicios

With extensive experience in most sectors, we offer a Quality service, implementing in all processes our fundamental pillars of work as guidelines to follow and serve: Honesty, simplicity and creativity.

Transversal sections ADHOC

Besides our two main sections, we also count with other transversal sections that are the following ones.



Adhoc is a company specialized in generating ideas, including innovative elements in our analysis.



Our facilities have been envisioned, designed and built with the objective of creating a pleasant, and efficient work environment.

Meet our professionals

In Adhoc we are committed to undertake every project as a unique one.


David Santamaría


Imagen genérica equipo ADHOC

Development 2

Development Department

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Alberto Conde

Customer Support Department


Fernando Muro

Technical Support Department


Alberto Díaz

Technical Department


David Segura

Technical Department

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María Alba

Development Department


Mª Angeles Garbayo

Administration Department